Friends of CASA

Over the years CASA has received a number of very generous donations and help from businesses in Ireland. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness:

Kirby Engineering & Construction
Davies Group
Grant Logo
St Patrick's Missionary Society - Logo
FBD Insurance
Tesco Community Fund
Sisters of Mercy
Lions International
EI Electronics
Hospital Saturday Fund
Bon Secours Logo
Corporate Sponsors

Dropbox Events

Since 2016, Dropbox have been a corporate sponsor of CASA’s and have hosted regular events for our teenage group in their offices in Dublin 2. The events include karaoke, games room, arts and crafts, time for the group to catch up as well as food and drink. Our youth group have benefitted hugely from these events and they are a highlight for each member.

We are incredibly grateful to Dropbox and their staff for their continued support.

Brian just loves going to Drop Box. He particularly loves playing in the games room with the help of the staff, who are always so good and helpful.

Tom (Brian’s Dad)

Nathan looks forward to Dropbox Socials and really enjoys the experience. He loves the Games Room, interacting with the ‘Cool’ employees and of course, the food and drinks! I appreciate the opportunity for the ‘Mums’ to have dinner together and to have a laugh and share experiences and information.

A big thank you to all Dropbox Volunteers.

Gay (Nathan’s Mum)

We as parents strive to make our teenagers' social lives as varied as possible within the constraints of keeping them safe, many thanks to Dropbox staff for giving our teenagers great nights out, to be themselves and have fun.
Rosemarie (Shauna’s Mum)

Dublin Airport Community Fund Logo

Dublin Airport Community Fund

We would like to thank Dublin Airport Community Fund who generously supported our new website

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