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At CASA, our mission is to create a vibrant community where individuals with disabilities can develop meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. Over the past 40 years, we have expanded our organisation to include more than 20 groups nationwide. However, the overwhelming demand for CASA membership currently exceeds our volunteer capacity.

We value each individual who seeks to join our community, and it’s important to us that we provide the best possible support to our members. To maintain our commitment to our one-to-one “buddy” system, we carefully assess volunteer availability and ensure that we can adequately meet the needs of each member. As a result, our capacity to welcome new members is currently limited.

While we strive to accommodate as many individuals as possible, we want to be transparent about our current capacity constraints. This means that, regrettably, we may not be able to accept all membership applications at this time.

If you still wish to submit an application for CASA membership, we encourage you to complete the contact form below. Your application will be reviewed with utmost care and consideration. While we cannot guarantee acceptance due to our current limitations, we believe in the power of hope and the potential for future opportunities.

We understand the significance of fostering social connections and the positive impact it can have on one’s life. By submitting your application, you are expressing your desire to be a part of our community, and we appreciate your willingness to join us on this journey.

To start your membership application, please provide the following details in the contact form below. Our team will review your submission and will be in touch when we have the capacity to continue with the next steps.

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