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Meaningful Friendships, Lasting Connections & Unforgettable Memories

Our wonderful volunteers have been helping people with disabilities to develop social networks and friendships for over 40 years through monthly events and social activities.

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CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities
Building Social Networks

Events & Meetups for Lasting Friendships

Caring and Sharing Association (CASA) is a registered charity that works closely with those who need our services most. CASA organises social events and meetups to help people with disabilities develop friendships and social networks.

Our dedicated team of trained volunteers ensures that each member has their assigned “buddy” for every event, providing personalised support at their own pace. Whether it’s small meetups like bowling, cinema outings, or coffee gatherings, or larger events that bring all groups together with entertainment and catering, CASA creates opportunities for connection.

Additionally, we offer an annual Lourdes pilgrimage with one-to-one volunteer support. Our inclusive community welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including those with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities.

CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities
CASA Social Activities

CASA Activities

We are unique in that we work with and support people with all disabilities – physical, sensory and intellectual – of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Monthly Social Activities

Small meet-ups with one-to-one volunteer support, such as bowling, cinema outings, coffee gatherings, shopping etc.

This is the core service provided by CASA, giving our members a vital social outlet on a regular basis.

Larger Events

We also host larger events periodically that bring social groups together, typically at hotels and similar venues, with entertainment, music, dancing and catering, giving members the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Lourdes Trips

Our annual Lourdes pilgrimage, with one-to-one volunteer support, caters for approx. 130 people. It’s not only for CASA members but we also liaise with hospitals and hospices to identify people with life-limiting conditions that may wish to travel to Lourdes.


Where to Find us

There are 20 CASA groups nationwide so no matter where you live, there is a group near you! There are also 6 CASA charity shops across Ireland that you can support.

County Dublin - 10 Groups

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.

County Cork - 5 Groups

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.

County Longford - 5 Groups

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.

County Galway - 1 Group

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.

County Kildare - 1 Group

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.

County Wicklow - 1 Group

For further information please contact the CASA office on 01 872 5300 or email info@casa.ie.


Enhancing Lives
And Empowering Independence Through Social Experiences

CASA’s service brings numerous benefits to both our members and their families. By participating in our events, individuals with disabilities can develop their own social networks and friendships, gaining independence and enjoyment beyond their immediate family network.

Families find reassurance in knowing that our one-to-one paired volunteering policy ensures the best possible experience and opportunity for their loved ones. CASA provides a safe and inclusive space where meaningful connections thrive.

Corporate Sponsors

Dropbox Events

Since 2016, Dropbox have been a corporate sponsor of CASA’s and have hosted regular events for our teenage group in their offices in Dublin 2. The events include karaoke, games room, arts and crafts, time for the group to catch up as well as food and drink. Our youth group have benefitted hugely from these events and they are a highlight for each member.

We are incredibly grateful to Dropbox and their staff for their continued support.

Brian just loves going to Drop Box. He particularly loves playing in the games room with the help of the staff, who are always so good and helpful.

Tom (Brian’s Dad)

Nathan looks forward to Dropbox Socials and really enjoys the experience. He loves the Games Room, interacting with the ‘Cool’ employees and of course, the food and drinks! I appreciate the opportunity for the ‘Mums’ to have dinner together and to have a laugh and share experiences and information.

A big thank you to all Dropbox Volunteers.

Gay (Nathan’s Mum)

We as parents strive to make our teenagers' social lives as varied as possible within the constraints of keeping them safe, many thanks to Dropbox staff for giving our teenagers great nights out, to be themselves and have fun.
Rosemarie (Shauna’s Mum)


One To One Buddies

The hallmark of CASA is our “one-to-one buddy“ volunteer support. It ensures everybody gets the full, individual care and attention they deserve!

About Us
What’s Included?

CASA Membership Includes:

Admission to all our social events

This includes admission to all our monthly activities and our larger events.

One-to-one volunteer at events

It’s not the same volunteer every time, but recurring volunteers are common.

Occasional transport to events

We try to provide transport where possible but we are heavily limited on transport options.

There is a small fee applied to attend some events.

The CASA Difference

What sets CASA apart?

One-to-one centered approach, providing individual attention and support

Extensive branch network for convenient access to events nationwide

Trained and dedicated volunteers who really make a difference

Dedicated local leaders in each CASA group

Over 40 years of experience and expertise

Professional approach, including Garda vetted volunteers and robust policies


What CASA Members Are Saying

When I went along to my first CASA social little did I know it would be a stepping stone for me. I still remember the tremendous welcome I got. That feeling remained with me. I felt so welcome and felt that I had something to give.

– Mary

As a disabled person I always tend to wonder are people seeing me, or are they seeing the wheelchair. The fact that I am in a wheelchair is just a fact of life. My friends in CASA, I am glad to say have always only ever seen… me…

– Ken

Embracing the principle of one to one helped our daughter fit with ease into the CASA family. Over this time she has enjoyed socials and holiday breaks to Swords and Malahide. These times of respite have been invaluable to us as parents. The friendships our daughter has made in the CASA family have helped to make her a happy confident person. When asked what CASA has mean to her she replied “Being with my friends”

– Sean & Noleen

There are no words to describe how absolutely amazing this group is honestly. I have been a member of CASA for over 30 years. It is a charity very close to my heart. CASA has given me so much over the years. I have met so many wonderful people I am thrilled to be able to call friends. I have had the opportunity to go to Lourdes on pilgrimage many times, it is such a special experience. I am so very lucky to be a part of this wonderful organisation.

– CASA Member

The joy I got from helping others. The wonderful friends I made and a very special trip to Lourdes with Casa in 1988 before I emigrated to Australia. I still write to one person that I looked after and I visit him every time I go home to Cork. He is almost 71 and going strong.

– CASA Volunteer

Like many novice volunteers I started out wanting to make a difference, give something back, feel good about my place in life. Caring is a shared experience it’s hard to say who is helping who, and you know its working when you’re still there.

– CASA Volunteer

What I like about CASA ……….volunteers, family, friends, Social outlet is very important. Paddy ropes me into bucket collections.
Conor Dillon – CASA Member

I enjoy the social aspect of CASA. I enjoy meeting all the members and going to Lourdes with CASA

Tom Campbell – CASA Member

CASA means coming together, meeting your friends and having a good time. Singing, chatting and eating meals together. Making new friends and hopefully staying together. I’ve been in CASA for a long, long time and hopefully for many more years to come.
Orla King – CASA Member

The volunteers in CASA are very nice to me. They make me feel very happy. I am a member for 30 years
Patricia Morrissey – CASA Member

I look forward to the socials every month and getting to hang out with my friends. The Mass is always beautiful and then the sing song and dancing the day away. The room is always full of love and happiness, Its a great way to spend a Sunday Funday with my friends. I have been volunteering with CASA for the past 10 years and made so many beautiful friendships. I am so grateful and look forward to each event. I get to share and make memories. Thank you CASA for all you do.
Kayleen Griffin – CASA Volunteer

I joined CASA over 23 years ago. My intention was to go to one social only. Look what happened!! I got hooked on the jolitty and the caring atmosphere. Since retiring I have resigned other volunteering duties but could never see my life without CASA.
Marie McKenna – CASA Volunteer

I’ve been with CASA years now and I love it. It's a great organisation both for volunteers and Members. I’ve gone to Lourdes on many occasions and would recommend CASA to anyone.
Eileen Murray – CASA Volunteer

I enjoy meeting everyone and hearing what everyone has been up to. Helping with someone it makes me feel like I’m giving something back. The people in CASA are so happy at every social .. It makes me happy.
Gillian Fagan – CASA Volunteer

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