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Development Pamoja

Development Pamoja is an Irish-registered charity working with disadvantaged communities in rural Kenya to improve living standards and enable self-sufficiency through community-based cooperative initiatives.

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CASA Kenya Facilities
CASA Kenya Facilities
CASA Kenya Facilities
Development Pamoja

Established In 2012

Development Pamoja works with communities in and around the town of Mogotio, in the Rongai constituency in Kenya’s Rift Valley. It started as a disability program in October 2012 with funding provided by CASA.

In Kenya, disability is still seen as taboo, with some people believe that a disability is a curse on the family so when the program started, people were reluctant to join. However the program has grown steadily ever since and we now work with over one hundred people with various disabilities in five villages.

The most common disability we see in these villages is cerebral palsy, due to the fact most people in rural Kenya still give birth at home with no assistance from trained medical personnel.

Development Pamoja has had a hugely beneficial effect on the communities it works with. It has improved the quality of life of people, it has enabled them to know their rights as a disabled person and it has helped to change the perception of disabled people within the villages it works with.


Changing Perceptions and Empowering Lives

Social Inclusion

Each Saturday we hold a social in one of the villages around the Mogotio area.

In these socials we have fun activities for the children and hold educative forums for the adults. We also provide those present with a hot meal.

We currently hold four socials a month to cater for people from these villages. We hold the socials on a Saturday afternoon, allowing the disabled person and their guardian attend.

Medical Treatment

Apart from the socials we help to meet the medical treatment costs of those we assist.

Currently we cater for over twenty people to avail of physiotherapy on a weekly basis and we help over fifty individuals obtain medical assistance on a monthly basis.

This medical treatment has greatly improved the quality of life of those we assist.

Educational Support

We also provide educational support to over twenty children.  

In some incidences we pay the full school fees and associated costs for children to receive an education and in other cases we assist the parents/ guardians to meet these costs, with the guardian also contributing financially to ensure the child goes to school. We provide educational support to both disabled children and the children of disabled parents.

CASA Kenya Facilities
Medical Centres

Medical Dispensary In The Village Of Sarambei

Access to medical care is a huge problem in rural Kenya, where many people still die from preventable and curable diseases such as malaria and typhoid.

In 2015 we opened a Medical Centre in Sarambei – an area with no medical facility of any kind. Located on the grounds of our demonstration farm, this facility now caters for over 3,000 people.

Most services at the centre are free for everyone and services include general consultancy, vaccination programs, HPV vaccines, cancer screening, ante-natal care, family planning, dispensary service, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and much more.

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